Among Us

A cute little game about deception, betrayal and cold-blooded murder.

Tried and tested by Friday Afternoons
4-10 players
10 minutes
  • A device with the Among Us app/software installed for each player
Among Us


Some might say that a runaway success like Among Us shouldn't be included on a website that prides itself on sharing little-known games. And those people are probably right. But we all have blind spots, so for those who haven't enjoyed this game yet: stop what you're doing, gather some friends, and give it a go. You're welcome.

Among Us is a social deduction game set on a spaceship that has all the players working together by completing individual tasks (in the form of simple mini games) that have been assigned to them. All players, that is, except for the imposter. At the very start of the game, one player (or more depending on the settings) will be told in secret that they are the imposter. The other players - the crewmates - aim to either uncover the imposter or complete all of their tasks, while the imposter aims to kill off the crew.

When a crewmate's dead body is discovered, or whenever somebody decides to call an emergency meeting, players will discuss what they've seen and vote on who they think the imposter is. The person with the most votes will be evicted from the ship, so it's crucial for the imposter that they blend in and keep the focus away from them. To help them do so, they can pretend to complete tasks, sneak around the ship's vents, close doors to trap crewmates and sabotage the ship's systems.

Among Us is a great game and one of those that can be enjoyed over and over. You're more likely to find yourselves saying "shall we play it again?" than "shall we find something else?"

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