Breath of the Wild Traditional Quest

A web app for Legend of Zelda fans who want to play Breath of the Wild in a completely new way, one that seeks to capture the feel of older titles in the series with dungeons and unlockable items.

Tried and tested by Friday Afternoons
Single player
Any (30+ hours for the complete quest)
  • A Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Wii U with a copy of Breath of the Wild
  • A web browser (ideally on a smartphone or tablet)
  • Some familiarity with Breath of the Wild


Like Friday Afternoons itself, the Breath of the Wild Traditional Quest is a side project of board game design company Lineage Gaming. It is a web app designed to be used alongside Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that will guide the player through the game and restrict them from using certain abilities until they have been unlocked within the app. It automatically stores the player's progress in their web browser, making it easy to return to after breaking off.


The Traditional Quest web app running on a smartphone

If Breath of the Wild is already a working game, why would I need this?

Most gamers will already be aware that Breath of the Wild shook up the typical Legend of Zelda formula by giving the player most of their abilities right at the start of the game and allowing them to go anywhere. So instead of playing through most of the game's content because it's the only route to the final boss, in Breath of the Wild you do so either to power yourself up or simply because you want to - almost none of it is essential. This created a brand new feeling for Legend of Zelda fans and gamers in general, and Nintendo were quite rightly applauded for it. However, it also left many fans of the series feeling like several Zelda staples were missing: sprawling dungeons, a developing story and a hint of Metroidvania to name a few.

This is where the Traditional Quest comes in. Aimed at players who have already enjoyed Breath of the Wild one or more times, it seeks to create a new Zelda game out of it that plays more like Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

How does it work?

The Traditional Quest app is made up of three main sections: instructions and advice at the top, an Objectives list below that, and an Inventory that's always present at the foot of the screen.

Objectives list

This is what guides the player through the game. It always displays the current aim, as well as anything completed before that (future objectives are hidden by default but can be revealed). When the current objective is ticked by the player - indicating that they've completed it in-game - the next becomes visible. Each objective also has a map marker, showing where to head or start searching in order to complete it.


This is what tells the player which abilities are currently available to them. The Traditional Quest works by instructing the player to not use most of their abilities until they have been unlocked in the app, and this section allows them to keep track of this. When an objective that unlocks an ability is marked as complete, the corresponding icon in the Inventory will automatically change to indicate that it's now available to the player.

The Inventory also houses the Restricted Shrines and Side Quests lists.

Restricted Shrines list

This list tells the user what areas of the game they are not allowed to enter until told to do so by an objective. It is updated automatically as objectives are completed.

Side Quests list

This list contains the names of shrines that will unlock optional abilities for the player, such as fire attacks and boomerangs. Each of these are hinted at as the player progresses, but if they stumble across these shrines before this then they'll know to claim their reward immediately.



As a free app offered by Lineage Gaming, the Traditional Quest's purpose is to help establish the company's brand in the world of gaming. If you know any Legend of Zelda fans, or if you've enjoyed using the app yourself, please be sure to share it and help spread the word!

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