Fishy Business

It's funny how the simplest game can become so much fun when you add an element of competitiveness.

Tried and tested by Friday Afternoons
Any player count
1 minute per player
  • An internet connection
  • A relatively modern web browser

For those unfamiliar with CodePen, it's a place where developers can easily try out and share code. You can completely ignore the code windows at the top of the screen, and even reduce their height to give you a larger playing area.

Fishy Business is a CodePen by Chris Smith that can be played at

The page loads with a single fish, and the aim is to keep clicking on fish to create more fish. It seemingly isn't designed as a competitive game, but thanks to the genius addition of a fish counter in the top right corner, there's nothing to stop it from being one. Friday Afternoons' suggestion is that you break out a 30-second timer and see who can generate the highest number of fish in that time.

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