Ocarina of Time Sudoku

A creative take on sudoku puzzles that has you playing through them like an adventure game.

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Any player count
Any (progress is saved automatically)
  • A modern web browser (Edge, IE, and devices without keyboards may not work)

Ocarina of Time Sudoku can be enjoyed by anybody who likes regular sudoku, although fans of The Legend of Zelda will get even more out of it. You'll find it at bedibug.com/sudoku.

It has the progression structure of a typical adventure game (go here, unlock that, return later with more abilities) and is themed around Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but its gameplay is made up entirely of sudoku puzzles.

The twist is that these puzzles can't be fully solved at first because certain obstacles are blocking some of the cells. To access those cells, you'll need to find a particular item by fully completing one of the 3x3 boxes in one of the puzzles. For example, you can't place a number in a cell containing a boulder until you've unlocked the bombs, but you may have to play your way to a different puzzle in order to find the bombs.

To make things even more interesting, some of the puzzles add new rules that change the way they're solved slightly, such as allowing you to swap the positions of the four corner boxes. This makes a refreshing change for players who've already completed their fair share of sudokus, while also reinforcing the Ocarina of Time theme and bringing more smiles to Zelda fans' faces.

As this is an adventure game, it can take some time to complete. Thankfully, the game automatically saves your progress in your web browser. Naturally it can be played solo, but since it evokes the feeling of embarking on a quest, it can be enjoyed cooperatively in a way that regular sudoku usually can't. And of course, there's nothing stopping you and your friends from having a good old-fashioned race to be the first to complete it.

It's dangerous to go alone