Like Pictionary, but with the added benefit of being playable online. And the added hinderance of using a mouse instead of a pencil.

Tried and tested by Friday Afternoons
2-12 players
15 minutes
  • A device with internet access for each player

Website: is a simple game where players take it in turns to draw a given word or phrase while the other players attempt to guess the word. You score points for both guesing an opponent's drawing and having your drawing guessed. When it's your turn to draw, you select the word or phrase you'll be drawing from three options.

Some nice features that the game supports are:

  • Public and private rooms
  • A Hangman-style representation of the word that slowly fills in as the round progresses
  • Multiple colours and drawing tools
  • A chat log that displays incorrect guesses to all other players
  • Custom drawing time in private rooms
  • Custom words/phrases in private rooms, and the option to use these exclusively
  • Multiple languages

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