Surname Quiz

A quiz in which all the answers are your group's surnames.

Tried and tested by Friday Afternoons
3+ players (ideally 10+)
1 minute per question

Surname Quiz is unusual in that each answer is one of the players. Beforehand, the quizmaster creates a list of all players' surnames, then makes up a clue that describes each one.


To create more questions, you can add the surnames of people who aren't playing, provided that all players know those people. For example, if playing at work, you can include ex-employees.


It's not always easy to create the clues, so here are some examples for inspiration that range from beautifully clean to clutching-at-straws levels of ropey. Don't be afraid to include the odd one that's ridiculous, your players will likely get a laugh out of it.

Surname Clue Explanation
Brown Colour Example of
Smith Metal worker Synonym of
Holmes Houses Homes
Hackett Break into the computer system Hack it
Bullock Traps a cow Bull lock
Houston City in Texas Example of
Walker Person travelling on foot Synonym of
Ryan Mr Giggs Ryan Giggs
Wilson Is my boy going to? Will son?
Weatherhead Climate leader Weather head
Jones Ms Cusack’s Joan’s
Evans 50/50 odds Evens
Barbier More dolls Barbie-ier
Haslam Owns a baby sheep Has lamb
McIntyre Raincoat inside wheel Mac in tyre
Cohen Fellow chicken Co-hen
Carlson Mr Pilkington, lad Carl, son
Stevens Mr Hawking and Mr Fry Examples of
Reynolds Precipitation grabs Rain holds
Kelly Miss Clarkson Kelly Clarkson
Lawson Legal boy Law son
Marfleet Quick visit from an Irish mum Ma fleet
Cumberbatch Arrive via bundle Come by batch
Gonzalez Muppet, Mr Dennis Gonzo, Les
Monaghan One Mr Solo Mono Han
Jasper Saxophone cat noises Jazz purr
Hazrati Owns Egyptian god’s hot drink Has Ra tea
O'Malley Surprised by Mr Evens Oh my, Lee!
Walsh Tell the boundary to be quiet Wall, shh

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