Treason Coup

A game of elimination where cheating is allowed... as long as you get away with it.

Tried and tested by Friday Afternoons
2-10 players
15 minutes
  • A web browser and an internet connection for each player
Treason Coup


Treason Coup is an online version of the card game Coup. The aim is to be the last player standing by being the only player to have at least one of your two roles still intact.

At the start of the game, everybody is given two random roles that are kept hidden from all other players. Each role gives you the ability to complete or block certain actions. So for example, having the Captain role will allow you to steal $2 from another player, while anyone with the Captain or Ambassador roles can block other players from stealing from them.

The game's greatest feature, though, is your ability to complete or block any action regardless of the roles you actually have. You are free to bluff, pretending that one of your hidden roles is the one you require. Every action and block can be challenged by a player if they believe the player in question doesn't have the appropriate role. A successful challenge forces the bluffer to reveal and lose one of their roles, while a failed challenge forces the challenger to do the same.


Be sure to open the "cheat sheet" while getting to grips with the roles and actions, and remember that everything associated with a role is colour-coded.

It takes a little time to learn the different roles and the intricacies of play, so it's recommended to just run with it on the first game and start playing properly from the second. That's the beauty of Treason Coup: it presents you with all the actions available to you at any one time, so instead of having to understand the rules before you play, you can figure it out as you play.

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