Chinese Takeaway Lottery

Ordering a Chinese? One of you will have yours paid for by the others with this fun little game.

2+ players
5 minutes
  • A takeaway menu where the dishes are all numbered

Before looking at the menu every player picks a number. The player whose number matches the most expensive dish on the menu has theirs paid for them by the others. It's as simple as that!


You're looking for the dearest item, so the higher your number the better your chances. Don't go too high though, or you'll end up in the extra portions!


Feeling brave?

If you're a bold bunch, you can always scrap the concept of winning and simply all commit to buying the dish that you picked. You'll definitely want to avoid the extra portions in this version, or you could end up with curry sauce for your meal.

REMEMBER: Playing drinking games does not mean excessive drinking. Please enjoy these games legally and responsibly.

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