Marketplace Sweepstake

All the fun of a standard sweepstake coupled with a little bit of freedom to choose your bet.

3+ players (ideally 8+)
15 minutes
  • An event to hold a sweepstake on
  • A small piece of paper for each possible outcome (e.g. race entrants)
  • A hat or similar to draw the outcomes from

To hold a Marketplace Sweepstake, start with a normal sweepstake. Using the Grand National as an example:

  1. Write each horse's name on a small piece of paper, fold it up, and place it in a hat
  2. For a fixed price, allow players to pick a horse out of the hat
  3. Once all the horses have been picked, or no players want to continue picking, determine how the prize money will be divided (e.g. £20 for 1st, £13 for 2nd and £7 for 3rd) and what will happen if an unpicked horse wins

Once the sweepstake has been done, the "marketplace" side of the game begins. Players are free to buy, sell and trade their picked outcomes however they like, so long as the players involved agree to the trade. Because of this, it's crucial that players keep hold of the small slips of paper so that when the event starts it's crystal clear who has which outcomes.

When buying, selling and trading, there's no requirement for the players to swap their outcomes one-for-one. For example, the player who picked out the favourite might choose to sell their outcome, make a profit, and have no entries when the event starts. Similarly, a player who has picked out several outsiders might exchange all of their entries for one of the favourites.

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