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Friday Afternoons Launch Party


Sat 23rd May 2020
8 pm - 10 pm


Online, using Zoom
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Got any big plans for the bank holiday weekend? Join us on Zoom for a socially distant launch party for Friday Afternoons!

Four games are lined up, including two brand new ideas specifically designed for playing over video chat, and ending with a few rounds of Jackbox's Quiplash.

It's a great opportunity to see some faces and do something sociable with a Saturday night in lockdown, so feel free to invite any friends or family you think might be interested.

Full details can be found on the Facebook event at

If you don't use Facebook but want to be kept in the loop, please bookmark this page and keep checking back. All updates added to Facebook will also be posted below.


Less than a week to go till the launch party! Here are the games we'll be playing:


A brand new cooperative game centred around 'passing' a ball from screen to screen in Zoom's gallery view. The challenge comes from trying to figure out who you're sat next to on other people's screens.


A new card game designed specifically for being easy to play over video calls, where everyone's hand is made up of 10 cards from a deck of their own.

Unique Answers

A quiz where simply being right is not enough, you also have to give an answer that nobody else does. Full details at


In my opinion, Quiplash is nothing short of the greatest party game ever invented. Give the funniest answers you can think of then vote for whose was the best. More information at…/jackbox-games

Hope to see you all there!


Here's everything you'll need for the launch party on Saturday. Don't worry if you're missing some. Except the device with Zoom installed, you'll find it hard to join a Zoom party without that one.

What You'll Need.jpg


The Zoom link for Saturday is now ready! Just follow this link at 8pm on Saturday (ideally with Zoom already installed on your device):


Less than 24 hours till the launch party! For those who are interested but not sure about Zoom…

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video calling platform. It lets everyone who joins the launch party see a tiny live video of everybody else so we can all join in the fun together.

Do I need anything special?

The device you want to use needs to have a camera and have Zoom installed. A computer is best but a phone or tablet will work great too.

Do I need a Zoom account?

No, just the Zoom software installed ready.

Where can I get Zoom?

Bring a friend!