Bit Part Quiz

Testing really obscure knowledge of a TV show you know well.

Any player count
3 minutes per question
  • A group who are all of fans of the same TV show

Bit part quizes are for groups who know the TV show they're based upon inside out, as they put obscure knowledge of the show to the test.

Each question takes the form of a line from the show that was spoken by a guest actor - ideally someone who only appeared in one episode. Up to five points are then awarded to each player - one point for correctly guessing each of the four following things, and a bonus point for getting all four right:

  • The actor who spoke the line
  • Their character name in the show
  • The season number in which it occurred
  • The episode/storyline in which it occurred (the quizmaster can adjudicate on this one)


The bit part quiz below is based on the show Friends.

  1. "It's like I want to take a mental picture of you all! Click!"
  2. "You know what would be incredible? If you guys died."
  3. "You wouldn't happen to have a very big fork?"
  4. "Quack-quack, quack-quack!"
  5. "I don't have any great ideas. I am eight."
  6. "I’m just a love machine"
  7. "And don't learn the words. Let the words learn you."
  8. "I don’t hear coconuts banging together."
  9. "Yeah but Jessica doesn't have an English accent."
  10. "Tartlets. Tartlets. Tartlets. The word has lost all meaning."
  1. Alec Baldwin
    Season 8
    The One in Massapequa (Phoebe's date is overly excited about everything)
  2. Christina Applegate
    Amy Green
    Season 9
    The One with Rachel's Other Sister (Rachel's sister assumes she'll become Emma's guardian if Rachel and Ross die)
  3. Gary Oldman
    Richard Crosby
    Season 7
    The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding (Joey needs to leave work quickly but his co-star is drunk)
  4. Ben Stiler
    Season 3
    The One with the Screamer (Rachel's boyfriend gets angry at the chick and the duck)
  5. Dakota Fanning
    Season 10
    The One with Princess Consuela (Joey meets the girl who currently lives in the house that Monica and Chandler will be buying)
  6. Bruce Willis
    Paul Stevens
    Season 6
    The One Where Paul's the Man (Ross catches his girlfriend's dad psyching himeself up)
  7. Jeff Goldblum
    Leonard Hayes
    Season 9
    The One with the Mugging (Joey is auditioning for a play directed by an actor he admires)
  8. Winona Ryder
    Melissa Warburton
    Season 7
    The One with Rachel's Big Kiss (an old friend of Rachel's pretends she doesn't remember them kissing one time)
  9. Susan Sarandon
    Cecilia Monroe
    Season 7
    The One with Joey's New Brain (Joey is learning how to play a character from the actress he's replacing)
  10. Jon Lovitz
    Season 1
    The One with the Stoned Guy (Monica is auditioning for a head chef role but the owner of the restaurant is high)

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