Guess the Year

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like from the title.

3+ players
1 minute per question

In a Guess the Year quiz, each question takes the form of a given event, and players attempt to guess the year in which that event took place.

Rounds and categories

To add variety and to keep players with different knowledge bases interested, it's recommended to separate the quiz into multiple rounds, each with its own defined category.

Some examples of suitable categories are:

  • Song or album release years
  • Film, video game, or book release years
  • Celebrity birth or death years
  • Years in which items were invented
  • Start or end years of wars
  • Years in major global events took place
  • Years in which world landmarks were erected or opened


There are a few ways to score a Guess the Year quiz, but the recommended way is to award points based on proximity to the correct answer (e.g. five points for being exactly right, three points for being within five years each way, and one point for being within ten years each way). Alternatives are only awarding points to the player who was closest (if this appeals to you, check out the Tiebreaker-Style quiz), and only awarding points for a correct answer (when playing with this scoring, the questions should be relatively easy, such as modern films or songs).

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