Surprising Facts

A quiz that has you guessing who among your group each fact refers to.

3+ players (ideally 6+)
2 minutes per player
  • An identical slip of paper and for each player
  • An answer sheet for each player
  • A pen or pencil or pencil for each player
  • A hat or similar to place the slips of paper into

In a Surprising Facts quiz, each player writes an unlikely truth about themselves on their slip of paper, then folds up the paper and places it in the hat. When writing the facts, it's a good idea to share one pen or pencil between all players if identical pens or pencils aren't available. Once all the facts are in the hat they are shuffled around and the quiz begins.


If players' handwriting may be recognised by other players, one option is for everyone to print their answers from a computer instead. Another option is to have one player who doesn't compete be always in charge of the hat.

One by one, each fact is pulled out of the hat and read aloud. This can be done by one player for the whole game or a different player for each fact. All players (including the one who read it out) write down their guess for which player that fact belongs to. When your own fact is read out, you should write an opposing player's name down to hide the fact that you know it was your own, since you won't score a point for your own fact anyway. Once players have made their guesses, the next fact is pulled from the hat and play continues until all facts have been read.


Multiple facts

While it can sometimes be tricky to think of several facts about yourself that would surprise your group, the game can be played with any number of facts, so long as each player submits the same amount. This will make the game last longer, and reduce the likelihood of ties at the end.

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