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Where's Me?

Set up your own hidden person photos and send them to friends. Red and white bobble hat optional.

Tried and tested by Friday Afternoons
2+ players
5 minutes per photo
  • A camera
  • A somewhat cluttered space in which to hide
  • A means of printing or sending a photo (e.g. WhatsApp)

If you don't have someone to take the photo for you, try using your camera's self timer.

Where's Me? is a great game for playing in a group chat with family or friends. One player stages a photo of themselves hiding in a hard-to-spot location, then sends it to the group for others to try and find them.

The game can be played just for fun with players occasionally sending photos, or you can play with a little more structure, where the first person to find the hider is responsible for sending the next photo (perhaps as a daily challenge).


If space is limited and hiding a person wouldn't be feasible, you can hide an easily identifiable object instead.


Where is the boy in the photo below?



He's in the tree.


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