A new game, it’s fun. It’s really easy, really really fun.

2 players
22-23 minutes
  • 1 deck of cards
  • 1 cup

Don't forget to place the cup to one side while you play.


The aim in Cups is to be dealt a better hand than your opponent until you win $1500.


In each round, one player deals two cards to each player. The player with the best hand receives $50 from the other player.

  • A 2 and a 3 beat a King and a Queen
  • A 2 and a 5 beat two Queens
  • A 4 and a 5 beat a Jack and a King
  • A 4 and a 9 are a Full Cup and win against most other hands
  • Nothing beats a 3 and a 6, that is D-Cup
  • There is also a sitting down bonus

Doubling bonus

In Cups, once one player gets $700 exactly, you have to double it. After you receive the doubling bonus, you get one card that could be worth $100, bringing your total to $1500. But don't get too excited, because that's not going to happen unless you get the 2 of Clubs.


Saucer Card

If playing with the Saucer Card rule, it may not come up in every game. When it does, it's not known what card it is or what it does.


Beginners luck is very important in Cups.

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