Animals Quiz

A ready-to-go 10-question quiz where each answer is an animal.

Tried and tested by Friday Afternoons
Any player count
10 minutes
  1. What is the only mammal that can fly?
  2. What quick brown animal jumps over the lazy dog?
  3. What is the largest animal ever known to have lived?
  4. What animal is Pepé Le Pew?
  5. Which animal is believed to be the first to be domesticated by humans?
  6. Taurophobia is the fear of which animal?
  7. What animal was Ace Ventura primarily looking for during his first film?
  8. Bella and Alfie were found to be the most popular female and male names for which animal in 2019?
  9. Which animal turns its stomach inside out in order to eat?
  10. What animal (besides the human) is on the Life of Pi film poster?

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