A quiz that's all about getting the closest answer, not necessarily the right one.

Tried and tested by Friday Afternoons
Any player count
2 minutes per question

Tiebreaker-Style quizzes don't require players to be correct with their answers, and instead award one point per question to the player or players who were closest to the correct answer.

The questions in a Tiebreaker-Style quiz should meet these requirements:

  1. The answer is a number of some form (e.g. integer, time, date, percentage)
  2. The correct answer is generally not known by people and/or would be very difficult to calculate
  3. Players can make an educated guess at the answer


  1. How many footballers have scored over 100 PL goals?
  2. As the crow flies, how many miles are there between Birmingham and Leeds?
  3. Excluding the credits, what is the running time of the extended Lord Of The Rings trilogy?
  4. How many matches are played in the Wimbledon Championships?
  5. How many episodes of Friends were there?
  6. How many pages are there in the UK edition of the first Harry Potter book?
  7. In which year did John Lennon die?
  8. How many PlayStation 2s were sold worldwide (to the nearest million)?
  9. How many UK top 40 singles has Michael Jackson had?
  10. At what time of day was JFK shot?
  11. In which year was the telephone invented?
  12. How much has the film Avatar grossed worldwide?
  13. How many songs were on Adele’s first album?
  14. How many games were released worldwide for the Nintendo 64?
  15. How many London Underground stations are there?
  1. 28*
  2. 148
  3. 11:22
  4. 675*
  5. 236
  6. 223
  7. 1980
  8. 158 million
  9. 56*
  10. 12:30
  11. 1876
  12. $2,790,439,000*
  13. 12
  14. 388
  15. 270*

* Correct as of March 2020 - be sure to check these if using them in your own quiz

Question ideas

Below are some ideas to help inspire you in creating your own Tiebreaker-Style questions:

  • The calorie count of a meal at a restraunt your group likes to eat at
  • The cost of a given product on Amazon
  • The number of times a particular word appears on a given webpage (e.g. your company's website if playing at work)

Non-number questions

It's possible to ask questions where the answer is not a number but otherwise meets the requirements. However, these can be open to ambiguity and often require more time to work out which player was closest. Examples include:

  • Location-based answers (e.g. If you drew a straight line between the Statue of Liberty in New York City and the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, what would be the closest city to the midpoint on that line?)
  • Answers picked from a sequential list (e.g. Which Disney Animated Classic was released in 1977? - where the answer closest to No. 23 on the list wins)
  • Answers picked from a list where each possibility is mapped to a value (e.g. Which European country has the coastline closest to 5,000 miles long? - where the answer whose coastline length is closest to 5,000 miles wins)

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