Kitchen Floor Drinks Bottle Shuffleboard

You know shuffleboard, that game that has you sliding weights along a smooth table? Turns out you can play that on your kitchen floor. With bottles.

Tried and tested by Friday Afternoons
2+ players (ideally 2-4)
5 minutes
  • Several large drinks bottles filled with liquid, enough for at least two per player
  • A smooth, uncarpeted floor


The aim of Kitchen Floor Drinks Bottle Shuffleboard is to eliminate other players by toppling their bottles over. The last player, erm... standing, is the winner.


1.5L Ribena bottles are a solid choice, thanks to their wide bottoms and bobble-free bases.


Players take it in turns to choose their bottles from the selection available. By all means play a longer, more serious game beforehand to determine who gets first pick, but one way to do it is that the player who chooses first on the first pass chooses last on the next.

Next, a start line (known as the oche in professional circles) and an end line are agreed upon by all players. Players must slide their bottles from behind the start line, and slid bottles must travel at least as far as the end line. Kettles and cupboard seams make great markers for these lines.


In turn, each player slides their first bottle across the kitchen floor. If a player knocks another player's bottle over, the owner of the toppled bottle is eliminated. If the current player's bottle falls over, or they break the start line with their body, or the bottle doesn't reach the end line, and their bottle never touches another bottle, they may take their slide again. If any of these things happen but the player's bottle does touch another bottle at any point, this is a foul move and they are eliminated. If another player's bottle is also toppled during a foul move, they are not eliminated and can return their bottle to a standing position. Make sense?

If all bottles are slid before a winner is determined, the remaining players re-select their bottles and start again.

Slide into their DMs